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Horta Brussels - Estimate office and auction house
Horta Bruxelles

Roodebeeklaan 70/74, B-1030 Brussels

Horta Knokke-Duinbergen - Estimate office
Horta Knokke-Duinbergen

Jozef Nellenslaan 49-51, B-8301 Knokke – Duinbergen



Roodebeeklaan 70-74
B-1030 Brussels

   Opening Times

Getting your lots valued:

  • Three Mondays per month from 10 to 12am and from  2pm tot 5pm.
  • One weekend per month, during our exhibition, from 10am to 7pm
    (see calender).

Bringing in lots and collecting purchased items:

  • Monday to Friday from 10am to 12 noon and from 2pm to 5pm.


+32 2 741 60 60
 (please send photographs via

  • Managing Direction: Dominique de Villegas
  • Company registration number: BE 0471.388.227
  • Bank: IBAN BE95 7340 1117 9358


Jozef Nellenslaan 49-51
B-8301 Knokke-Duinbergen

   Opening Times

Getting your lots valued, bringing in lots and collecting purchased items::

By appointment: +32 50 37 23 49


+32 50 37 23 49


The Horta Auction House has opened a new office in Knokke-Duinbergen.
Customers are welcomed on appointment in the office to have their works of art evaluated (paintings, sculptures, furnitures, glasswares, etc.) and jewelry for sale.
The monthly sales take place in Brussels.